Thursday, May 25, 2006

Abbas Hakim Zadeh on what Iranian Labor, Students, and Women reject firmly and totally

NY Post: Determined Foes Mount Challenge To Iran's Mullahs,
Yesterday, Mr. Zadeh said the country's largest student organization,Takhim Vahdat, rejected any direct talks between America and Iran if the negotiations centered around security guarantees in exchange for promises on nuclear enrichment.

"If there is any dialogue and conversations or negotiations between the Islamic Republic and the international community, whether the United States or other countries individually or collectively, if it is around the nucleus of human rights, democracy and the openness in Iran, it is something worthwhile to consider," he said.

"However if the idea is for Iran to get security guarantees embedded in it that the regime can suppress the human rights and the will of the people, that is something the Iranian student movement, the Iranian labor movement and the Iranian women's rights groups reject firmly and totally."

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