Monday, April 17, 2006

More Rumsfeld and the Generals

A good editiorial on Rumsfeld and the Generals in todays Opinion Journal,
The anti-Rumsfeld generals have a right to their opinion. But there's a reason the Founders provided for civilian control of the military, and a danger in military men using their presumed authority to push elected Administrations around. As for Democrats and their media allies, we can only admire their sudden new deference to the senior U.S. officer corps, which follows their strange new respect for the "intelligence community" they also once despised. U.S. military recruiters might not be welcome on Ivy League campuses, but they're heroes when they trash the Bush Administration.

Mr. Rumsfeld's departure has been loudly demanded in various quarters for a couple of years now, without much success, and on Friday Mr. Bush said he still has his every confidence. We suspect the President understands that most of those calling for Mr. Rumsfeld's head are really longing for his.

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verplanck colvin said...

Riiight. Those 6 two, three and four star generals are just itching to see Bush impeached. They really didn't mind the dismissive attitude the civilian political appointees have towards career military officials. Good debate technique: don't discuss the merits of the argument, but instead attempt to discredit the source.

I'm all for civilian control of the military, but when you run a war as incompetantly as Rumsfeld has, it's best to revert back to the pros that have a better track record than Mr. "Plan B".