Saturday, April 08, 2006

Maryam Namaize on Cultural Relativism

The Blanket profiles Iranian Marxist Maryam Namaize,

It [the liberal's cultural relativism] promotes tolerance and respect for so-called minority opinions and beliefs, rather than respect for human beings. Human beings are worthy of the highest respect, but not all opinions and beliefs are worthy of respect and tolerance. There are some who believe in fascism, white supremacy, the inferiority of women. Must they be respected?


The Blanket concludes,
For those who have despaired of Marxism in the face of the cults and sects who hide their reactionary perspectives behind little red flags, Maryam Namazie's position comes as a breath of fresh air. A genuine Marxist committed to universal human emancipation, who measures progress in terms of lives saved and not papers sold, she has tormented oppressors in a way unimaginable to the sectarian ponds of quacking ducks. Her place has been at the coal face where she intends to remain and not amongst the paper sellers of the quack pack.
I'm not going back to college-age Marxism but she's got it right on today's liberals and cultural relativism.

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