Friday, April 21, 2006

Mandela's Nicholas Haysom on Iraq

From Building Iraq’s tomorrow on SA’s legacy by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen via Labour Friends of Iraq. Nicholas Haysom was an advisor to Nelsen Mandela on building South Africa's constitution. Now he's working in Iraq doing the same.
Having been closely involved in drawing up SA’s constitution, Haysom is uniquely placed to show the Iraqis what was done in SA to bring about a settlement.

Last month, Iraqis from a variety of political parties visited SA to draw on lessons learned here.

“I don’t think there is ever a one-country template but there is much in the logic that can be borrowed and applied, albeit in a different way. When Sunnis came to SA they had a close look at how political enemies addressed each others’ concerns and anxieties,” says Haysom

What caught the Iraqis’ attention was the national peace accord which was signed by 26 political parties and organisations in September 1991 in the face of increasing violence. Of interest was that the accord had been able to protect the negotiations from the violence.

“It was a recognition that you have to deal with violence in a particular way, while allowing political negotiations to continue.

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