Friday, April 21, 2006

Lets Kick Racism Out of Football

Put's the Dubai port deal in a different light for me. Via Engage,

West Ham United has two Israeli players. When West Ham took their team for a few days relaxation and training in the desert sun of Dubai, they sent their two Israelis off to Spain for a break. Israelis, you see, are not welcome in the United Arab Emirates. Bolton Wanderers left their Israeli player at home when they visited Dubai earlier in the season.

There is nothing new about sports teams bowing to the racist policies of states that they visit. The USA olympic team left a number of Jews at home when they visited Berlin in 1936.


Bart said...

I don't see the claim of racism. Just because they are Israeli does not mean they are Jewish. Discriminating based on national origin isn't racism, but nationalism.

Bill Baar said...

Discrimination based on national origin is ok?

A restrictive covenant based on national origin is ok in contracts and titles again now?

that's progress