Friday, April 28, 2006

The latest Al-Zarqawi video: apostate lackeys, Rafidite Shi'ites, secular pro-Zionist Kurds and false Sunnis

We're told we're just creating more terrorists in Iraq but it's interesting how much time Al-Zarqawi spent talking about all the Muslims allied with us in Iraq on this latest video.
Today you [the coalition] are using any ploy or method to bring together the rivals, your companions and partners, the apostate lackeys, in order to create a deformed government, in the hope that it will rescue you from the severe and embarrassing crisis you face with your people and your supporters. We, in turn, believe that any government established in Iraq today, whoever its leaders may be - the hatred-filled Rafidite Shi'ites, the secular pro-Zionist Kurds, or the collaborators who are falsely considered to be Sunnis - will be a collaborating government supporting the Crusaders, which was established to serve as a poisoned dagger in the heart of the Islamic nation.
Maybe it's working if Zarqawi feels the need to talk about it so.

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