Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kember: a Pacifist recounts liberation

Voices of tough guys sound good when they're on your side with bolt cutters and you're chained to the floor.

From The Guardian,
Later, Kember wept as he described the moment a group of 'SAS gents' came to his rescue. He had become aware of his impending freedom when he heard British special forces asking for a 'Mr Kember' moments before entering the room where he was being held.

He said: 'I was chained to the door. They said, "Oh, it's a bolt-cutter job", and they cut the padlock and released me. We had this sort of futon on the floor and we were lying there, and suddenly we heard noise outside and then somebody calling out and then the breaking of glass and then up the stairs came these SAS gents.'

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