Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Helping Judy Baar-Topinka stand by her man on the Jim Leach show

A comment by Greg showing Judy Baar-Topinka how to answer the question: Is President Bush taking the country in the right direction?
Jim, how hard could it be???

"55% of Americans believe they are better off than they were four years ago. The President is well liked personally (last I saw it was like 57%) and consumer confidence is high in the country," said Topinka while defending the President on the Jim Leach show on Monday. "I know there is a lot of anxiety over Iraq, gas prices and other issues such as Iran and we see that reflected in the President's job approval rating. I believe with the changes at the WH, the improving political situation in Iraq, the fewer casulties and the President showing leadership on gasoline prices by easing regulations and other measures, we'll see the President begin to shore up his job approval numbers," she continued.

I whipped up that answer in about thirty seconds. An answer like that shows loyalty, honesty, deftness, and optimism. And oh yeah, one area where the President is getting high marks in polling, is the immigration issue.

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jakejacobsen said...

To say the president is receiving high marks on the immigration issue borders on the delusional. In fact I would argue it is his worst issue bar none, especially among conservatives.

Bill Baar said...

I'm not certain I could tell you his position at the moment Jake...

...Greg just a lot quicker on his feet then JBT.