Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Euston Manifesto signer: Tom Head

Interesting reading are the statements of Euston Manifeston signers.

Here's Tom Head's statement,

I have felt isolated from many U.S. liberal circles in the wake of 9/11. Iam particularly offended by:

- The resurgence of the word "Zionism," and the marginally antisemitic "Israel Lobby" language that I have encountered on the far Left ;

- The sudden lack of interest in liberal circles in human rights abuses abroad, most notably the Darfur genocide ;

- A disturbingly cynical and anti-intellectual undercurrent in liberalism that rejects all self-criticism and other reflection of independent thought ;

- The bizarre doctrine of "Sovereignty," by which the Taliban was supposed to be an acceptable government, with which we should not intervene, simply because it was in control of a nation;

- The tendency of many of my fellow liberals to exploit xenophobia whenever they feel it to be in their best interests, represented most recently by some of the language that came out of the response to the Dubai port deal ;

- Senseless bigotry directed against conservative Christians and Jews, coupled with senseless fawning directed at far more conservative Muslim leaders abroad ; and

- The irrational hatred of _all_ Republicans, and the complete and ill-advised merger of liberalism and Democratic partisanship.

I wholeheartedly sign the Euston Manifesto; I am proud to do it.

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