Friday, April 28, 2006

DePaul's strange priorities

Hat tip to Marathon Pundit for this one.
Although it's a struggle to find any university recognition of it, Todd Beamer, the passenger on doomed Flight 93 who yelled out the call, "Let's roll," was a DePaul University alumnus.

DePaul paid Ward Churchill, who called the World Trade Center victims "Little Eichmanns," an estimated $5,000 to speak there last fall.

DePaul's complete acknoledgement of Beamer's sacrifice, as far as I know, consisted of his picture being placed in a 2002 DePaul graduation program.

Strange priorities at DePaul.
I'm DePaul Grad School of Biz MBA (79)... what's taken over the place is beyond belief.

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dan l said...

Much like my smaller Catholic undergraduate school, DePaul has been heavy into ditching their 'Catholic Conservative' creds. Thus, inviting a dick like Churchill out to prattle about how much the USA sucks takes is _over_ discussing the life/times/actions of a man who was probably a republican racist, bigot, bush voter.

Just sayin'....