Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Austin Bay: 'The Euston Manifesto': Principled Left Considers War on Terror

Real Clear Politics links Euston today with an essay by Austin Bay and the New Statesman article by Nick Cohen and Norm Geras.

A quote from Bay,
I see it as an unusual example of fact-based and principled discussion from the political Left. The Eustonites "reject the double standards with which much self-proclaimed progressive opinion now operates, finding lesser (though all too real) violations of human rights which are closer to home ... more deplorable than other violations that are flagrantly worse. We reject, also, the cultural relativist view according to which these basic human rights are not appropriate for certain nations or peoples."

Read that last line as saying Iraqis and Arabs can handle democracy.

The Euston Manifesto is a courageous expression of support for the "liberty" and "liberating" components of classical liberalism.

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