Thursday, April 13, 2006

A.E.Brain on the Euston Manifesto: I've signed up, anyway. I could do no other

Blog's talking about the Euston Manifesto:

Brainster's Blog on a Sensible Left.
It certainly seems to me that most of the Left in the United States has lost its moorings. With some rare exceptions, they have decided to support a murderous band of thugs. Very few of them have any desire for success in Iraq; their notion appears to be that if Iraq works out well, it will help the neocons. So they'd rather see Iraq in flames.
A Little Polite Music explains why s/he signed,
I wrote this post was to set straight in my own mind quite what the Manifesto was manifesting, so to speak. I find so little here to argue with and so much with which to agree that I will sign and offer what help I can. I have been troubled for a long time by the way in which those of us on the progressive left, should we disagree with our supposedly social democratic government, have had nowhere else to turn within the mainstream of UK politics. Hopefully this new alliance will provide a hothouse of ideas which can reach out to affect not just those to whom their truths are self-evident, but also create an intellectual background to inform the ongoing struggle to bring progressive democracy to all nations and cultures, including our own.
Sicilian Notes, who didn't sign and I think because he's Irish but I'm from Chicago and it didn't stop me.

City of Brass thought it ported though and wrote,
It is the new American majority - it is Purple Politics. It is universal in a way that being just a Democrat or just a Republican can not be. It is a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
And finally A.E.Brain writes the title I'll use for this post,
I have minor quibbles. And I'm loath to adopt the word "progressive" to my own beliefs, for that label has been tainted irredeemably in my eyes. Nonetheless, I have fewer quibbles with this manifesto than I have with the various brands of neo-conservatism that I admire, and in the main, follow. It remedies all of the fatal flaws that have made me unable to see myself as in any way connected to the Left.

I still think this is more NeoCon than Leftist, but no matter what you call it, I'm for it. I urge anyone to read the text in full, and to adopt most, if not all, of the principles espoused in it into whatever your platform your political party adopts. Especially the bits about how none of us is infallible, and how we should not let the partisan labels of Left or Right get in the way of our common goals.

I've signed up, anyway. I could do no other.

This is a massive step forward for the Left at a time when they seem to have simply run out of ideas.
Also The Guardian's Comment Free.

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