Saturday, March 18, 2006

What say you Lindy Scott on Cuba?...on Guillermo Fariñas?

The AP via Marathon Pundit,
Cuban dissidents and their supporters on Friday commemorated the crackdown that jailed 75 opponents of the government three years ago, asking the world not to forget them.

Saturday marks three years since the March 18, 2003, crackdown was launched, prompting governments and rights groups around the world to condemn Fidel Castro's communist government. Cuban officials said the roundup was needed to protect the nation from "mercenaries" paid from abroad to undermine the socialist system.

Sixty of the 75 people rounded up remain jailed. Fifteen were released on medical parole."This isn't just any anniversary," veteran Cuban rights activist Elizardo Sanchez said Friday. "This marks the third year after the most intense wave of repression against political prisoners in many years--not only in Cuba, but in this hemisphere."

And Babalu Blog writes,

Blog for Cuba, Wall Street Cafe, Uncommon Sense, El Cafe Cubano and others are reporting on the rapid deterioration of Guillermos Fariñas' health. It seems Mr. Fariñas, barring some miracle, will pay for his cause with his life.

And Stephanie Scott can write here,
I just don't understand why we're so harsh on Cuba when there are plenty of other injustices going on around the world that we casually ignore, perhaps you could enlighten me.
When your Dad can go to Cuba and speak out for Fariñas release. Speak out next time you attend class there Stephanie. That's the enlightenment I seek. When Fariñas can go on speaking engagements like the symbol of Abu Garib, then Liberty has scored a victory.

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