Sunday, March 26, 2006

Though tyranny has few advocates, it needs more adversaries.

From the 2006 National Security Strategy; a pretty remarkable document,
Though tyranny has few advocates, it needs more adversaries. In today’s world, no tyrant’s rule can survive without the support or at least the tolerance of other nations. To end tyranny we must summon the collective outrage of the free world against the oppression, abuse, and impoverishment that tyrannical regimes inflict on their people – and summon their collective action against the dangers tyrants pose to the security of the world.

An end to tyranny will not mark an end to all global ills. Disputes, disease, disorder, poverty, and injustice will outlast tyranny, confronting democracies long after the last tyrant has fallen. Yet tyranny must not be tolerated – it is a crime of man, not a fact of nature.


MasterGunner said...

...and that's why we need to go in and do the right thing.

Too many countries in the world, most notably in Europe, waste too much time on appeasement, and too little time in expressing moral courage and eliminating tyrants and terrorists.

Anne said...

Thanks for highlighting this Bill. the Bush administration has done more for human rights than anyone since Reagan.
Liberals just talk about this stuff and don't act.

Bill Baar said...

Thanks, It's a handy way to file away stuff I refer back to later.

Keep safe out there gunner. Thanks for your service.