Sunday, March 19, 2006

...there really is no ‘war’ to protest, per se.

John Cole via Pajamas Media,
I am no Bush defender, but at some point it becomes pretty clear that these anti-war protests are little more than anti-Bush protests. While hating Bush has become far more fashionable as of late (in fact, hating Bush is so popular that the cool kids are already doing something else), these protests accomplish very little. Bus is already in the middle to low 30’s in popularity, and there really is no ‘war’ to protest, per se.
In London, the Stop the War Coalition's slogan was Troops Home from Iraq, Don't Attack Iran. So it wasn't just an anti-war demonstration but a demonstration to defend the Iranian Theocracy.

Labour Friends of Iraq goes through STW's ten point program and says this about point REASON 10: The world will be watching - let's show friend and foe alike that the British are opposed to the Iraq occupation and the threats to world peace and freedom. To which LFI replies,

We can't be defenders of peace and freedom by giving in to terrorism or to tribal and religious bigotry. Thankfully in Iraq, the bulk of the people take a similar line and should have our active support. The way the Iraqi people come out of their homes to try and help the victims of terrorism should be an inspiration to us all. It goes beyond the devotion of the people of London in the blitz during the Second World War, for no-one can sound the all clear on terrorist activity.

Perhaps some day we will be able to mobilise people onto the streets to join the Iraqi people in their struggle to have peace from terrorism and their freedom to form Political Parties, Trade Unions, Women's Organisations, Youth Groups and other Voluntary Associations.

Maybe some day Chiago will see a demonstration in support of freedom.

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