Thursday, March 16, 2006

Somebody set up DePaul's Conservatives

Marathon Pundit finds more details,
The jackal who used permanent marker to write the "N" word and swastikas also scrawled "DePaul Conservative Alliance" in the public areas of a DePaul dormitory.

Obviously this was a set up by some nut, or a cunning, yet cruel attempt to discredit the conservative group. I know most of the members of the DCA. They are not racists.

Nor were they ever suspected by the police in regards to the recent vandalism in that dorm.

Father Dennis Holtschneider, the President of DePaul is fully aware of all the details of the case. As are Denise Mattson and Robin Florzak of DePaul's public relations office.
I looked like a setup from the get go and DePau's administration awful quick to react and get TV coverage of it.

It just seems awfully odd DCA would vandalize the dorm and include their name.

Holtschneider should go; because of the way he treated of DCA (read Marathon's full post).

DePaul owes use alums and everyone else in Chicago --especially African Americans-- an explaination for how they can get sucked in so quickly into these plots.

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