Thursday, March 09, 2006

Powerline: Words have consequences

I don't think we've reached the lights are going out all over the world stage yet, but I think things are very bad. I don't want to wait for Kerry's War of Last Resort.

From Powerline,
It seems that we are reaching a crisis with Iran. Iran is the point from which the forces destabilizing the Middle East and threatening the United States are radiating. They will not cease until a crisis is reached and passed. For additional evidence today, see Thomas Joscelyn's Standard column "Unholy alliance." See also Alexandra von Maltzan's "Iran is building a nuclear weapon." (Thanks to RealClearPolitics for the tip to Joscelyn.)
UPDATE: The American Enterprise Institute has posted Michael Ledeen's must-read testimony to to House Committee on International Relations yesterday. An excerpt:

The Iranian war against us is now twenty-seven years old, and we have yet to fight back. In those twenty-seven years thousands of innocent people have died at the hands of the mullahs’ terror state, inside Iran and around the world. Many Americans have been killed, in Lebanon twenty years ago and in Iraq today, by terrorists armed, trained and funded by the Islamic Republic. Iran is invariably atop the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, and we know that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi created a European-wide terrorist network in the latter years of the last century from a stronghold in Tehran. We know this from public sources –- from copious documentation presented by the German and Italian Governments in public trials against terrorists arrested in their countries. Among the evidence introduced by the prosecution were intercepts of phone conversations between terrorists in Europe and Zarqawi in Tehran.

We also know from abundant evidence ranging from documents to photographs captured by American forces in both Fallujah and Hilla of the intimate working relationships between terrorists in Iraq and the regimes in Tehran and Damascus. Indeed, the terror war in Iraq is a replay of the strategy that the Iranians and the Syrians used in the 1980s to drive us and our French allies out of Lebanon. Those Americans who believed it was possible to wage the war against terrorism one country at a time, and that we could therefore achieve a relatively peaceful transition from Saddam's dictatorship to an elected democracy, did not listen to the many public statements from Tehran and its sister city in jihad, Damascus, announcing in advance that Iraq was about to become the “new Lebanon.”

They have made good on their threats...
And this from Officer's Club.

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