Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kevin Drum on Obama's wonky energy plan

There are over 307 comments on this post by Kevin Drum about Obama's energy plan,
The federal government would pay 10 percent of the $6.7 billion in annual health costs for retirees that are weighing down General Motors, Ford and Chrysler if they'll commit to building more fuel-efficient cars, Obama proposed in a speech Tuesday before a panel at the National Governors Association conference. He called it a "win-win proposal for the industry."
When I was a radical we'd demand Nationalization of the auto industry. At least the taxpayor would get a factory. I'm not sure what taxpayors will get from this deal.


Anonymous said...

overly simplistic

1. increase supply of doctors and health care (lower cost)

2. decrease demand (more prevention, healthier lifestyles and systems)

3. incentives for competition in health care

4. incentives for consumers to economize

5. probably other stuff...

Anne said...

Here's my quick take: