Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hollywood Jews promoting homosexuality and other filth - part 2

Gidwitz's Press Release,
Rod Blagojevich still doesn't get it.

After days of taking the Alfred E. Neuman tact of "What? Me Worry?" and ignoring the controversy surrounding his appointment of Louis Farrakhan's minister of protocol to his commission on hate crimes and discrimination, Blagojevich has finally refused to remove Sister Claudette Muhammad from this commission because he doesn't believe in "guilt by association".

But guilt by association isn't the issue here. Louis Farrakhan leads and speaks for the Nation of Islam. Often when he speaks, Farrakhan's speeches contain incendiary language that even Rod Blagojevich has acknowledged is "hateful" and "divisive".

Sister Claudette Muhammad herself could clear up much of this controversy by denouncing Farrakhan's hateful rhetoric. But we've heard no such deceleration from her. What are we left to assume but that, since she continues to serve in a high level advisory capacity to Farrakhan, she agrees with the rhetoric he has put forth.

Ron Gidwitz was the first Republican official to call for Governor Rod Blagojevich to remove Sister Claudette Muhammad from the commission, and today has renewed that call. In the past week, bi-partisan forces have joined his chorus, including the Republican Jewish Coalition and Democratic State Senator Ira Silverstein of Chicago's north side.

It's time for Rod Blagojevich to open his ears and understand that hateful rhetoric like that of Louis Farrakhan is not to be tacitly endorsed by appointing his advisor to a commission on hate crimes and discrimination. It's time for him to withdraw his appointment.

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