Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hollywood Jews promoting homosexuality and other filth

Rich Miller finds Father Pfleger kicking in his two cents
The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the white pastor of a mostly black Chicago church and a friend of Muhammad's, said Blagojevich would generate enormous anger if he removed Muhammad from the commission. "

If you are not willing to stand up in difficult times, don't pretend to be a supporter of black issues, of the black community," Pfleger said. "Now is a test for him."
When the Liberal Left finds itself running to the defense of those talking about Filthy Hollywood Jews promoting homosexuality and other filth it's a sad day indeed.

So far I haven't heard a word for a Gay Activist in Chicago on it, but Peter Tatchell has talked about the same kind of right-wing leftist in Britian when he wrote about the fake left,
These same right-wing leftists back the so-called 'resistance' in Iraq. This 'resistance' uses terrorism against civilians as its modus operandi - stooping to the massacre of dozens of Iraqi children in order kill a few US soldiers. Terrorism is not socialism; it is the tactic of fascism. But much of the left doesn't care. Never mind what the Iraqi people want, it wants the US and UK out of Iraq at any price, including the abandonment of Iraqi socialists, trade unionists, democrats and feminists. If the fake left gets its way, the ex-Baathists and Islamic fundamentalists could easily seize power, leading to Iranian-style clerical fascism and a bloodbath. I used to be proud to call myself a leftist. Now I feel shame. Much of the left no longer stands for the values of universal human rights and international socialism.


danl said...

If you don't mind me saying so, which, you may very well do, I'm not about to jump on this. If blago didn't give the spot to an NOI person, he'd be burned by a certain group. If he did, he'd be burned by another certain group.

The problem is the NOI crowd is a vote he really needs, the rest of us who are up in arms about this aren't a group he needs to win anyhow.

Bill Baar said...

I don't know if I buy the notion NOI represents that many votes for him.

And if you're in doubt about which side to take, and have to get burned buy one group or another... it's best to take the moral high ground.