Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eisendrath's statement on the mess Blagojevich has made with the anti-discrimination commission

His solution is a little mumbo jumbo but he's got the unacceptable part nailed down. My solution is sign the State of Illinois up with the Manifesto on the New Totalitarianism.
Statement from Edwin Eisendrath Democratic Challenger for Governor:

The state’s anti-discrimination commission has now imploded and the governor has not been heard from. Not Minister Farrakhan’s intolerant comments, but the Governor’s handling of this commission has given rise to new tensions between gays, African Americans and Jews.

It is simply not acceptable for the leader of our state to opt out when tensions rise between groups in our society. The governor has bungled this terribly. He now must apologize for his own indifference in order to open the doors to reconciliation. [my empahsis]

He needs to tell us he values the commission enough to know who is on it. He needs to tell us he will not choose among groups in Illinois, as all are equally important.

Given where we find ourselves, here’s what I would do: First, call for calm, and assure everyone that renewed dialog is essential. Promise to take a lead role in the healing that is now required.

Second, I would bring leaders from the African America community, the Jewish community, and the gay community together. I would convene discussion in the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield immediately.

Third, I would work to seek common ground among on the difficult leadership
of Minister Farrakhan- a man of strengths and of flaws.

Finally, I would work to bridge misunderstandings with a new recognition of
the value of other points of view along with the absolute standard that hateful
speech undermines our continued progress together.

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