Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chirstian Peace Team freed: Justice and Peace

The AP on the freed CPTers,
In a statement, the Christian Peacemaker Teams said the activists went to Iraq "motivated by a passion for justice and peace." The group called for coalition forces to remove their troops from the country.

"We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq," the statement said.
The justice and peace they seek would abandon the Iraqi people to the thugs who murdered Fox. Beware of root cause analysis. Sometimes it just shifts guilt away from the guilty. That's not just, or peacful.

Norm has an excellant post. Not on the CPTer, but on their assessment of guilt.

First, John Lloyd on 'Left vs Left' at Comment Free,
The division, broadly, is between those who regard confrontation with tyranny as at the root of the left's present reason for being; and those who see tyranny most expressed in the policies of the US, with aid from the UK. Naturally, there are many intermediate positions - above all that which sees the Iraqi invasion as mistaken, but are not prepared to view the US as the main threat to the globe.
And then Jeff Jacoby reading Pamela Bone's essay in Thomas Cushman's A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq ,
Three years into the war, with many Americans wondering if it was a mistake and the media coverage endlessly negative, one voice I miss more than ever is that of Michael Kelly. The first journalist to die while covering the war, Kelly had covered the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and in one of his last columns, filed from Kuwait City, he reflected on the coming liberation of Iraq: ''Tyranny truly is a horror: an immense, endlessly bloody, endlessly painful, endlessly varied, endless crime against not humanity in the abstract but a lot of humans in the flesh. It is, as Orwell wrote, a jackboot forever stomping on a human face..."
It's the jackboot forever stomping the CPT would abandon the Iraqi people under.

John Paul said Whoever decides that all peaceful means available under international law are exhausted assumes a grave responsibility before God, his own conscience and history ;
but you also assume the responsibility when you shuck the decision too.

When you have the power to liberate and destroy tyranny, and chose not to use your power; you've also assumed a grave responsiblity before God, conscience and history.

Can't dodge them.

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