Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Chicago's Stand up for Denmark ralley

Today's ralley inspired by Christopher Hitchens in Slate,

Also check Backyard Conservative for more.

UPDATE: Welcome to Michelle Malkin readers. You found us on a sunny day in Chicago but it was still cold and windy. It shows below. Thanks for your visit.

UPDATE: A link to Andrew's video.


diane said...

Michelle Malkin! Very cool Bill. Congrats

Anonymous said...

These Free Denmark rallies have got to be the most literate protests in history

M.C. said...

Liberals were at the rally too!
Free expression...a very old, progressive ideal.

Hannibal Smith said...

I knew I should have gone to this thing. Would have been a chance to meet at least three Chicago-area bloggers.

Bill, if you're up for some Moonbat voyeurism, come on down to the Circus with us Saturday: