Friday, February 24, 2006

To the Illinois Democratic Party: rebuke Lindy Scott for his comments on Military Service

We've been having some give and take on Capital Fax over this comment reported in the Daily Herald by Lindy Scott running as a Democrat for Congress in the Illinois 6th District's primary.

“Tammy has sacrificed a lot for her country. So perhaps in a general election there would be some support there because of her patriotism,” said Scott, when asked if Duckworth’s stint in Iraq is a liability among liberal voters in a suburban Democratic primary. “In the primary, perhaps it is a liability.”[Baar's emphasis]
I happen to think Scott spoke from the heart and was --sadly as someone who once voted Democratic regularly-- right about a growing chunk of the Party's primary voters. They do view a Candidate's Military Service as a problem.

If Scott's wrong and slandering Democrats, then the Party should rebuke him for uttering an outlandish and disgraceful comment.

Maybe they already have.

Or maybe Scott's apoligized recalling Eugene Sawyer's wise recollection of Mayor Daley's rule: you never have to take back things you don't say.

But I 've yet to see it.

Correct me if wrong.

I'm confident Andy McKenna would have been out with a press release by now if a Republican candidate talked like this.

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Rea said...

Respectfully, I can understand why you're worried about Lindy, Mr Baar. He can actually defeat Roskam in November! said...

Bill. Lindy is not anti-military. You are warping what he said to your own liking.

If you believe popular opinion, being in the military means your pro-war and pro-republican. This would turn off some of the uninformed voters out there that subscribe to this train of thought. It's one of the reasons the media jumped all over a war-time vet running on the democratic ticket. (not unusual, just not well publicized) Don't believe the hype. Most democrats are not anti-military, despite what Rove and Limbaugh say. (neither are vets...)

I am in the military. I've been in combat. I'm sick of the politicians and media using us to their own advantage. They can say they support us until they are blue in the face. Talk is cheap. They buy magnetic ribbons for the back of their SUV's and think that somehow supports us. It does nothing.

I'm sick of hearing about how weak democrats are on national security and how we are too weak to fight. Republicans like to think that they are hard as nails and that Democrats like to hide behind therapists and lawyers. This is far from the truth friend. Most of the upper eschelon administration that are making the descisions regarding the war have never served a day in their life. But boy, do they love to wave that flag.

You set yourself up to be righteous and to be doing the right thing by calling Lindy anti-military but end up looking like a fool through the eyes of a soldier. At least this soldiers' eyes. Who knows, maybe you did serve. You might be a veteran for all I know. I haven't searched RLAS for you yet... It's possible. But it doesn't matter. You've attempted to smear a good man's name and warp his words. People using the war for political gain is disgusting.

Are you yourself really pro-military? I'm at the Batavia VFW all the time. I don't recall seeing your face. Come on down, there is plenty to do.

Bill Baar said...

Rea: I'd love a Scott Roskam face off.

Tim: Never believe popular opinion. If RLAS is a gov sys, don't use it to search for me or anyone else who's opinions you disagree with...

Scotts words are clear and stand for themselves... as does the mumbo jumbo he's uttered about Cuba. He's Orwell's Cruel Pacifist.

All in all it is difficult not to feel that pacifism, as it appears among a section of the intelligentsia, is secretly inspired by an admiration for power and successful cruelty.

Rea said...

"Never believe popular opinion."

Unless one is a politician elected to do the will of the people, one shouldnt base his opinion on whether it is a popular one, or whether it is not.

And, of course, very often the popular opinion is also the right one.

Bill Baar said...


Popular opinion is just cant.

If Tim wants to cite Popular Opinion too support the assertion: Popular Opinion says being in the military means your pro-war and pro-republican, he should cite a poll to support the statement.

He should take the time to google some facts to support his statement.

Or else not make it.