Saturday, February 25, 2006

TigerHawk: CBS News has altered another document

via PJ Media

Most Bloggers have higher ethical standards. Or at least they know how easy it is to get caught and don't do it. We still don't know who typed up the faked Bush memo either.

TigerHawk: "CBS News has altered another document in the production of a news magazine show. This time, '48 Hours Mystery' manipulated the front page of the Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune in an episode about a murder trial. This offense is trivial in its consequences compared its previous attempt to throw a presidential election, but it does suggest that CBS News can still make big improvements in the control of its internal processes. It is particularly ironic -- almost hilarious -- that in this case CBS News manufactured an 'exhibit' in a documentary that alleged that its subject, Ryan Ferguson, may have been wrongly convicted of murder."

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