Monday, February 20, 2006

A surgeon doesn't leave in the middle of the operation!

Tom Rick's writing in the Washington Post on The Lessons of Counter Insurgency,
Even now, McMaster said, he understands that his success is "fragile." The city's mayor, Najim Abdullah Jabouri, is unhappy that McMaster and his unit are leaving Iraq this month. "A surgeon doesn't leave in the middle of the operation!" the mayor said intently to McMaster over a recent lunch of lamb kabobs and bread. He waved his finger under the colonel's nose. "The doctor should finish the job he started."

McMaster and Hickey tried to calm him down. "There's another doctor coming," Hickey ventured. "He's very good."

The mayor wasn't mollified. He said he has seen other American units here before, and they didn't coordinate with Iraqi forces like McMaster's has. "When you leave, I will leave, too," the mayor threatened. "What you are doing is an experiment, and it isn't right to experiment on people."
At a far bleaker moment in History, Harry Hopkins told a friend of America we had yet committed to standing along side with this,
Few dramatists could match the poignant scene when Britain stood alone against the Nazi power that dominated a conquered or fawningly neutral Europe. Roosevelt sent his envoy Harry Hopkins to Churchill. At dinner Hopkins quoted from the Book of Ruth: "Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people and their God my God," softly adding, "Even to the end."
It's not an experiement. It's a huge struggle and we can't let the Iraqi's down.


Jeff Wilson said...

Wish I had to confidence to believe we're definately surgeons, rather than wondering if we're more akin to butchers. I suppose the cow is rather pleased if the butcher quits in the middle of his procedure. I haven't seen much surgical precision on the part of America in Iraq.

Anne said...

Well, I don't think anyone in recent history can match Saddam and his thugs for butchery--putting people through industrial shredders.

Where have you been Jeff?

Jeff Wilson said...

Anne, Saddam is definately an evil guy and a butcher. I don't see how that diminishes the f*ck-up we've created in Iraq in his wake, or why it was necessary to take out this particular evil butcher (and further destabilize the Middle East) rather than a whole host of other nasties out there. Iraq didn't pose a threat to America. But many thousands of dead Iraqi civilians later, we've definately shown that America poses a ongoing threat to Iraq.

Note: my earlier post wasn't a cry for us to "cut and run." I'm just uncomfortable with comparing our actions to those of a surgeon when there's so much evidence that we've been something else entirely. The original metapor gives us way too much credit.

Anonymous said...

Surgeons should not perform unnecessary surgery.

Surgeons should not lie to encourage surgery under false pretenses.

Surgeons should have a plan to finish the operation and not leave someone bleeding out indefinitely.

And since Bush declared and end to "hostility" in Iraq I would also have to throw in:

Surgeons should not declare the operation a success when the patient is still bleeding on the table.

Bill Baar said...

The Iraqi Sunni Arab was the fellow coming up with the Surgeon analogy.

He doesn't want us to leave... because were making progress towards democracy.

I'm with the Iraqi... who are you with?