Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sowell's Point of No Return

Thomas Sowell writing in Real Clear Policits. He's pretty clear today.
Terrorists and terrorist governments are giving us almost daily evidence of their fanatical hatred and violent sadism, as the clock ticks away toward their gaining possession of nuclear weapons. They not only hold a harmless young woman hostage in Iraq, they parade her in tears on television, just as they have paraded not only the terrorizing, but even the beheading, of others on television.

Moreover, there is a large and gleeful audience in the Arab world for these gross brutalities, just as there was glee and cheering among the Palestinians when the televised destruction of the World Trade center was broadcast in the Middle East.

Yet what are we preoccupied with or outraged about? Whether the American government should intercept the phone calls of these cutthroats to people in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Classic right wing switch job. "Terrorist governments" (whatever those are) are doing X. Where's our outrage? Instead, we are talking about Y.

Nope. We are both outraged about X and Y. Most people who are not neocon ideologues can actually be outraged by two things at the same time. And unless Sowell is a member of the government, he doesn't really know who we are intercepting, does he. Unless of course a patriot just believes whatever the government tells him.