Saturday, February 18, 2006

Scoring points against Islam: Baar's two cents on the cartoons.

It's sleazy and dangerous for politicians to be scoring points against Islam in a continent where Bosnian Muslims were being put in concentration camps until America intervened.

--an advisor to Jordan's King Abdullah quoted page 28 of The Economist of Feb 11, 2006. My emphasis added.

Thank God for American intervention.

Picture downloaded from the BBC.


Anonymous said...

Yup, thank God for America. I mean, without you guys we couldn't have illegally gone to war in Iraq...

Bill Baar said...

We'll put you in the sleazy category anon... a legal beagle who turns an anonymous snout from genocide because it's legal.

dan said...

Man it's great to post as anonymous. That gives you the right to say dumb things and not be accountable for it.

Richard Wimberly said...

The picture used here was shown to be misleading. The video-ers were inside the barbed wire and called the Muslims who were at the unfenced building behind them.
These are just a few of many items.
Clinton was fooled.

Bill Baar said...


The courts ruled otherwise when Living Marxism called these fake and the reporters sued LM then for liabel.

Also, read the story of Fikret Alic: one of the men pictured.