Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nick Cohen on Ethical Consumption

We have stacks of ethically consumable coffee beans at church. I should post this by Cohen too. Not that anyone is doing coke, but worth noting the consequences from those who do.
IT WAS GOOD to see Bod Geldoff coming out so strongly against cocaine. On the rare occasions I’ve been to fashionable clubs, I’ve always been astonished by the hypocrisy of London’s media elite. Their drug of choice fund gangsters who terrorise Latin America. In Colombia alone, a civil war that is mainly about control of the cocaine trade has produced 400,000 refugees.

Yet none of the suffering bothers the allegedly ethical consumers at the end of the smugglers’ routes. They take care to choose GM free and organic food for their dinners. Then they complement the environmentally friendly meal with a sip of fair trade Colombian coffee and a sniff of foul-trade Colombian cocaine.

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