Thursday, February 02, 2006

Killing inferior "black" Africans

Norm's Blog calls our attention to a Guardian editorial on Darfur,
The risk still exists that we may eventually look back on the present decade and conclude to our shame that its greatest scandal was not who did what to whom in Iraq, or even in Palestine, but the way the world ignored genocide in the Darfur region of western Sudan. Perhaps, but signs are now brighter for effective international action. It is not as if world public opinion was ignorant of what began developing in the mid-90s when a forerunner of the Janjaweed militia, acting at the instigation of the government of Sudan, first started killing what it regards as inferior "black" Africans in this long-neglected land. Sudan's British rulers neglected Darfur too. So do the global media, governments and even sections of the left today. If the outside power with important oil interests in Sudan was the United States, not China, there might be greater outrage.[Baar's empahsis]

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Levois said...

This is a scary article.