Thursday, February 02, 2006

Frank Gaffney's War Footing

Frank Gaffney's third proposal to put the US on correct War Footing, to "provide for U.S. energy security" and it is drastic. "It will be extremely difficult to win the war against Islamofascism as long as we continue to
send huge amounts of petrodollars to those who wish us harm," Gaffney asserts.
He's referring to Saudis and Iranians who fund anti-American terrorists. They
have the power to devastate the American economy instantly by cutting off

What to do? All new cars, Gaffney argues, should be flexible-fuel vehicles that run on both gasoline and alcohol-based fuels. Hybrids with electric-powered batteries that dramatically increase mileage should be through tax credits and rebates. These would "reward consumers for reducing consumption of petroleum-based fuels and emissions.

"The technological transformation of the transportation sector will take roughly 15 to 20 years, as new vehicles replace old ones," Gaffney says. "That is why it is imperative to begin the process without delay." The president is said to be sympathetic to this.
It's time to do this. Extractive economies seem dysfunctional from the get-go. Oil production a dying a business and it's time to accelerate its demise.

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