Monday, February 13, 2006

Cook County's second jail break

Posted yesterday AM on Illinoiz.

My teenaged step-son picks up the Metra Train at Marion street in Oak Park to ride home to Geneva Sunday mornings. Wife trying to call him now to tell him to stay put until the cops get the second round of escapees from Cook County.
Six inmates, including two charged with murder, overpowered guards and escaped shortly before midnight from the Cook County Jail.Two were recaptured in Oak Park about 6 a.m., but the others were the subject of an extensive manhunt, authorities said.The escape was the second in as many days from the jail. The latest escapees are believed to have a contraband knife made inside the jail and are considered extremely dangerous, said Bill Cunningham, a spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan. He said they escaped from a unit where inmates with discipline problems are housed.
Stuff hits close to home.

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