Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Christian Evangelical Left: Lindy Scott's Incarnation of Christ at the Office of Management and Budget

Unitarian Universalist Denominational leadership and clergy have a pretty monolithic and predictable set of political beliefs. Just check the polling over at Philocrates.

Evangelicals and theologically conservative Christians have always seemed more politically mixed and open to me.

For example in Illinois we have Liberal-Democratic Congressman and ordained Baptist-Preacher Bobby Rush .

Now the Evangelical's Vatican: Wheaton College offers Prof Lindy Scott running as a Democrat in Illinois's 6th District congressional primary against Maj. Tammy Duckworth and Christine Cegelis.

Political Analyst Rich Miller profiles the candidates here. (Includes a link to a lengthy Chicago Trib interview with Scott.)

I was startled to see Scott may well come in second in the race because of a well funded grass-roots base of leftist evangelicals from Wheaton.

That's exactly the kind of political diversity and openness I expected from Evangelicals. It would be unheard of to see the same kind of breadth of political thought at Unitarian Universalist seminaries of Starr King or Meadville Lombard.

I find the Evangelical Left invokes Christ into a secular political argument in a way seldom seen among politically conservative Evangelicals.

Here's Lindy on the Implication of the Incarnation where he drags Christ, with Bible cites and all, into the Federal Budget.

Scott tells us Federal Budgets are moral documents. I want to agree with him but a little put off by the direct intervention of Christ and the Bible. After all, it's an immoral world often requiring compromise with the immoral.

I can't imagine George Bush or any Conservative Evangelical using God on my side quit like this..

There certainly is an Evangelical Left and it's social gospel often mixes God and State in a very direct way.

Conservatives will draw on their faith to form a political statement, but they way Lindy writes this stuff, it almost seems conversion to Christianity is a prerequisite. I never get that feeling from the right.

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