Wednesday, January 25, 2006

World Wide Standard blog: Call Hillary Clinton's Bluff on NSA al Qaeda Surveillance Program

I'm sick and tired of Democrats telling me they've been duped, bamboozled, kept in the dark like mushrooms. Daniel McKivergan writes,
Senator Clinton, who not long ago claimed she was duped into voting for the Iraq War resolution, is now opposed to the NSA operation. She says monitoring al Qaeda communications should be done in a "lawful way," but doesn't know if the current spy program broke any laws. I'm sure General Michael Hayden will be gratified with the New York senator's judiciousness. Sen. Clinton also believes the president's legal
justification of the program is "kind of strange because we have FISA and FISA
operated very effectively and it wasn't that hard to get their permission." Fine. If Sen. Clinton believes the NSA program as currently structured isn't necessary and others say it's unconstitutional, she and her House colleagues should seek to cut off congressional funding for it. Sen. Clinton won't want to do that, of course, which is why Republicans may want to force the issue.
And I'm betting that's exactly what Congress will do to force the Democrat's hand.

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