Monday, January 09, 2006

What else can we expect for a life long Federal Employee?

Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Kennedy on Alito. Liberalism just old and regressing back to isolationism, American First style anti-semtism, and Dixecrate, states-rights style paranoia about the Fed Gov.
After essentially indicting Judge Alito for a lifetime of extremism and "incredibility," Sen. Kennedy surreally suggested that he hadn't made up his mind about whether he would vote to confirm this threat to the Republic. He was content to say that Judge Alito had "a steep hill to climb" at this week's hearings. (Never mind that the only way Judge Alito could flatten that hill would be to repudiate 15 years' worth of judicial opinions.)

Perhaps the oddest note came when Sen. Kennedy was arguing, not implausibly, that Judge Alito has been too deferential to government authority. What else could we expect from "this nominee whose sole employer was the federal government"? It was a peculiar observation from Sen. Kennedy, who has been on the federal payroll continuously for four decades.

The Kennedy briefing struck me as illustrative of more than the fact that the senator, like all of us, has aged. Like his questioning at Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.'s confirmation hearings, Sen. Kennedy's comments about Judge Alito, "President" Goldwater and the role of the high court seemed to issue out of a political time warp also inhabited by plenty of younger liberals who oppose Judge Alito.

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