Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ward Chruchill and Comrade Brian Flannigan from the People's Army?

Update: No, here's Flannigan. He owns a bar in NYC.

Check the comment though. WC thinks he was on the right track.

A picture of Brian Flannigan and Bernadine Dohren found here described as,
Photo 6 Bernardine Dohrn and Brian Flanagan talk to supporters before entering the Criminal Courts building in Chicago on October 24, 1969. Hearings and trials were held that day for those arrested during the Chicago Loop riots of early October; Flanagan was accused of assailing chief city prosecutor Richard Elrod, Dohrn of being an SDS organizer.

According to Marathon Pundit, Churchill's been taking credit for Flannigan's action during Days of Rage back in 1969. Take a look at the pics. Flannigan does sort of look like a young Churchill.

History doesn't repeat. It recycles the same playes, older, with tenure, selling their books....


Bill Baar said...

Indigenism, Anarchism, and the State: An Interview with Ward Churchill from April 22, 2005 UTA: Is there a correlation between the militant tactics and direct confrontation against the state proposed by the Black Bloc, and the ways in which the Weather Underground evolved from the Days of Rage in Chicago? Do you see a similar kind of progression? What are the lessons to be learned from how those movements failed in the 60s?

WC: The Weather Underground is another thing that I will completely defend. Of the spectrum of responses mounted by the white left at the time, Weather was the most valid response of all, which does not mean that it actually had a viable strategy. But the response pattern was entirely legitimate. But ultimately, they got boxed into symbolic actions, and that is explicitly the case now as well.

Brian Flanagan and Mark Rudd, who are in this new film about the Weathermen, are saying you know, we made a conscious decision to do only property actions,which was not the original impulse and not the original understanding. It was a sort of wounded response to having three people killed in the Greenwich townhouse explosion. Well, in human terms I understand that these were their friends and all that, but if you are actually serious about engaging in an armed struggle and plan on testing the capacity of the United States, you have to anticipate that you're going to incur casualties. And three is hardly an insurmountable toll that's been taken. So again, you had middle class kids who were posturing as something else, and legitimately wanted to be something else and tried to transcend their origins. But they couldn’t do it in and of themselves, and they didn't really have an interactive relationship with other movements, organisations, or people coming from a different experiential background and temper. They were a sort of bourgeois response. So you're saying you're going to do one thing, but actually you're unprepared to do it. I can understand that, but I don't accept that as being a model.

John Ruberry said...

Hey, thanks as always for the link. Ward takes pride in the chaos that led to Elrod's injuries, acc. to Dan Caplis of KHOW. Ward own voice says he slammed the cops head against thw well. Can't say for sure if it's Elrod or not. I sent my post to a few people, including the Caplis & Silverman producer. We'll see.

Brian has a long head. Like Kerry and Ward.

AcademicElephant said...

You know every time I think the Churchill Files can't get any stranger, they do.

The whole man is a fabrication--it's just bizarre.