Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slightly mad men in middle age

David Aaronovitch starts a blog at The Times OnLine and explains that instead of arguing against them because reads this stuff anyway, or that the readers are likely to be slightly mad men in middle age.

He just joined up and started his own because,

The advantages of having a blog seem to be the following:

1. Makes the columnist/blogger feel young and trendy.

2. Collects all his or her writings in one place so that people who have missed musings on, say, circumcision for the Jewish Chronicle can come to the blog to find them.

3. Gives the printed stuff added shelf life; it stays around longer before ending up lining the budgie's cage.

4. Allows the col/blog to get things into print that no publication would ever commission, such as... well if you come back here periodically, you'll see.

5. Permits the col/blog to show you pictures of his cat. Why it's usually a cat, I have no idea, but it's nice to have a glimpse of the person behind the argument.

Them's me reasons, and the big question concerns keeping the thing going - and that's about reading. There's a comments facility, which I hope will be a kind of debating area. But I will kill trolls - there is something dispiriting in having a good discussion hijacked by a people of ill-will. Otherwise it's be Liberty Hall.

Welcome to the Blogesphere.

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