Monday, January 16, 2006

Saeb Erekat: “Iran, instead of trying to remove Israel from world, should try to help to put Palestine on the world map”.

Statement from the Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran via NormsBlog. Maybe a site that should be required reading for the Iran's already a Democracy crowd.
Announcement condemning Iranian Regime’s position on Holocaust and Elimination of Israel

On 3 January 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad president renewed his call for the destruction of Israel and claimed that Holocaust – which involved the killing of six million innocent Jewish people by Nazi regime – was a fiction. He made his statement in front of a group of radical Islamist student activists. He emphasized that, his latest remarks were deliberate and that they were in line with the state strategy.

During recent weeks, leading members of the Iranian regime have defended his remarks as the basis of government policy that was one of the tenets of Islamic Republic and its founder, the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Iranian regime is using the Palestinian issue in order to destroy Israel and deny the Holocaust, while at the same time it is depriving oppressed nationalities in Iran such as Ahwazi Arabs, Azerbaijani Turks, Baloch, Kurd and Turkmen of all their fundamental political, social and human rights.

Iran’s oppressed nationalities are simply appealing for their rights within Iran on the basis of international law and United Nations Conventions and Accords. As a result of their legitimate demands, they are suffering gross human rights violations by the Iranian security forces and intelligence agencies. Arrests, kidnappings, illegal detention and the extra-judicial killing of political, cultural and social activists are routine in Iran. The Iranian constitution sets in stone the systematic social, ethnic and cultural discrimination against ethnic minority groups.

The Palestinian people, through their elected representatives, are negotiating with the Israeli government and do not need a guardian. They are trying to solve their differences with the Israeli people and government through a political process. As Mr Saeb Erekat, the head of Palestinian negotiating delegation put it: “Iran, instead of trying to remove Israel from world, should try to help to put Palestine on the world map”.

The Iranian regime’s internal and external policies are based on creating tension and confrontation, both inside and outside Iran. By taking an irresponsible position, President Ahmadinejad is trying to deflect public attention in Iran away from domestic economical, political and social crises. The government’s foreign policy aims to position Iran as the sole defender of Palestinian people’s right by allying with extremist groups to create tension in the Middle East and ultimately derail the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.

While we condemn the Iranian government’ regarding Holocaust and the destruction of Israel, we appeal to all democratic forces and human rights organisations to support the oppressed Iranian nationalities (that comprise 2/3 of the population) towards the establishment of a secular, democratic and a federal state in Iran.

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