Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Out of touch with much of the electorate

Dan Balz writing in today's Wash Post,
Republican strategists also say that liberal interest groups that jumped early to oppose Alito mistakenly assume they represent mainstream opinion when, in fact, they are out of touch with much of the electorate. More Americans, these Republicans say, side with the president and conservatives in taking a dim view of judicial activism.

"This will be a real test of the left to see if it has any punch left," said Scott Reed, a GOP strategist and lobbyist.
I wish the Staff-who-only-speak-for-the-Staff had been a bit more in touch before they issued this pronouncement because Sen Kennedy sure did a poor job of cross examining a guy who's ...rulings revealed a pattern of views that were outside the mainstream and hostile to established precedent favoring civil liberties."

I only watched bits and pieces but it was stunning to see how the Democrats blew cross examination on things like Alito's Concerned Alumni Membership at Princeton. I can only understand it as supreme loss of self-confidence. It's deserved, but the Democrats and the staff at UUA need to sit back and figure out how they've gotton things so very very wrong.

Maybe tomorrow will be different, but right now the Democrats looked pretty lame out there.

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