Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Officers' Club: Could Democrats Win With a Policy of “Muscular Isolationism?”

Good discussion on isolationism in American including some polling results on distribution of isolationist thought: it's even between the parties.
The Officers' Club: Could Democrats Win With a Policy of “Muscular Isolationism?”: Here is the main paradox the Democrats currently face: They have a vocal, motivated, well-funded base that doesn’t like the projection of American policy abroad. This small sector of the populace is very anti-military, but responsible leaders, left and right, have deployed American troops to support American interests since the country was founded. The paradox that the Democrats face is that in order to be seen as credible on national security issues, one must be ostensibly pro-military. In order to appeal to “moderate” main stream voters, necessary to win elections, one must support the troops.
Kerry's war-of-last-resort doctrine seemed to call for the most brutal of wars. Wait until war is your only option and the American people will demand wars of anniliation just we waged against Germany and Japan. Let things get to that point, against formidable foes, and we really have no choice. The muscular in our isolationism is no joke and the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki found out.

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