Sunday, January 29, 2006

Normblog on the lack of response to Chirac's nuclear warning to Iran

The lack of notice and response to Chirac is strange. Norman Geras has blogged on it and a reader responded this way,
Suppose he is doing just that, raising the stakes, but on behalf of all of Europe, the US, Australia and anybody else who might be the target of a terrorist dirty bomb.

Suppose western intelligence agencies have come to a joint conclusion that there is now a dirty bomb (orsomething equally scary) out there in the wrong hands, even if they don't know whose hands it is in.

Who would be the best person to get a message across from the west to the terrorists? Chirac is the most anti-US of them all. As Nixon went to China,
Chirac can beat his shoe on the table in a unique way.

That no other western leader has batted an eye makes me think he could be talking for all of them. If they continue to let it pass, they are effectively allowing him to speak for them as well, whether by design, or prior unspoken understanding, or not.


Jaume said...

No, we just leave the French make a ridicule of themselves alone.

The stupid idea that seems to exist in American media and a part of the mostly clueless American audience is that those who don't follow emperor Bush, follow Chirac's "grandeur". It is not so difficult to imagine that many of us think that both are two dangerous egos too willing to play world chess.

Bill Baar said...

Where will you draw the line Jaume?

We stood by and watched the slaugher in Bosnia with indifference.

How much slaughter will you contently sit back and watch?

Kerry's wife's had enough. First a world without Jews. Then don't think we're not next.