Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Moose is a Hamiltonian mammal

...and so am I. Here's Hamilton's picture. And here are the Moose's comments on the NSA spying story,

The Moose continues to believe that the NSA eavesdropping program was just swell.

After hearing the various arguments pro and con on the controversial program, the Moose only wishes President Bush and other Presidents had earlier ignored FISA and had extensively and aggressively tapped into electronic data of terrorist suspects' communications to the United States. Of course, prior to 9/11 there was no great imperative to sidestep FISA.

It is interesting that no prominent opponent of the program has called for its elimination. Some objectors are playing with the "I" word, but even they are not suggesting that we shut down this nefarious threat to our freedoms.

That is strange for all the hoopla over this no one has asked it be stopped and that's almost certainly because of the Moose's closing observation here,

There will never be a Democratic President until the American people believe that the donkey will be as or more forceful than the Republicans in combating the Jihadists. And when that arrives, a Democratic President may rue the day when his party sought to tie the hands of the Chief Executive. Some Democratic Senators who aspire to that office should keep that in mind as they grill Sam Alito over the next couple of weeks.

The Moose is a Hamiltonian mammal and is comforted that there was energy in the Executive on this one.

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