Thursday, January 26, 2006

Moderation or Blasphemy?

DAVID HOROVITZ writing in today's Jerusalem Post. It's not just Israel and the West who will have to grapple with this earthquake. Islamists will have to grapple with the questions of moderation or blasphemy. They may have the toughest choice of all to make now.
But Hamas's founding charter is uncompromising in its intolerance of Israel. It strives "to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine" and prescribes "resistance and quelling the enemy" as "the individual duty of every Muslim, male and female."

Some may seek comfort in the belief that an ascent to government could prompt a greater sense of responsibility, a move to moderation. But Hamas's intolerance is based on a perceived religious imperative. No believing Muslim, in the Hamas conception, can be reconciled to Jewish sovereignty in the Middle East. To deny that, for Hamas, is blasphemy.

And that is the ideology to which the Palestinian people, for whatever reason and by their own free hand, have just tied their fate. That is the guiding ideology with which Israel and the West will now have to grapple.
Hard times coming but sure glad Kerry isn't President. His first choice was go to Paris and Chirac's talking nuclear strikes on Iran.

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