Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Live Blogging Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debates II

Brady would abolish the State Board of Education.

JBT, how do you respond to you've been there too long? You don't have credibility on ethics issue? She's made! She's had no charges against her. She runs an open office, and experience does count! The public wants an adult at this time. She sounds mad, and she sounds good!

Brady says you just have to have the right balance of experience and gets a few laughts. He sounds good, not emotional; and he says corruption is the number issue against Blagojevich.

Ouch, Q to Oberweiz is your business is good, Gov must be doing something right. Oberweis responds with example of Prarie Farm Diaries moving to Mo. Illinois lost a million dollar payroll plus vendors.

JBT takes a shot about Oberwise free ice cream coupons and then rattles off stats on job losses. I lost it thinking of free ice cream.

Gidwitz on jobs: He's the only candidate with a plan. Wants to make Illinois the alternative energy capital.

Oberwise: reduce level of workmen's comp claims... just keep governement to the side.

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