Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Live Blogging Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debates

JBT looks to thin! This is why I would rather listen to these on the radio.

Brady looks and sounds good.

Who cares if Oberweis has an MBA from University of Chicago.

Gidwitz: fundamental problem is we in Illinois add cost upon cost. We need to expand job base, and that was Brady's push too.

Gidwitz: pitches priotizing budget...Education, then Healthcare, then transportation..

Brady: Good, he responds with we need 401k type solutions for pension mess.

Brady: on pay to play politics. He wants to use the same rules the feds use. It's enought to purify the system. Hey, the guy is ready with right answers!

Oberweis: He wants to eliminate contributions from those seeking quid-pro-quos but it's ok from rich folks... great.

Topinka on China and trade: well, bring all the parties together: labor, busines, etc...and lock them in a room. hmm... that's not a happy answer.

Oberweis on immigration: we have to enforce our laws. Ok... but no tuition or cards to those breaking our laws. Man, he sounds harsh. But he got a lot of applause.

Brady responds with the terrorist card. Immigration is a National Security issue. It doesn't include rounding them up in a helicopter and dropping them in soldier field... nice!

Gidwitz on being a slum lord: He's running a HUD project and it's low income housing. Joliet would rather make the building a park, but Gidwitz is giving housing for 351 families.

JBT says all she owns is her house, but if she had section 8 housing she would want it in good shape, but it's Ron's problem, not her's...

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