Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Live Blogging Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debates - wrap up

Where we going to get the money?

JBT: cut the waste. Blajo's heated drive way; washing the salt domes, and don't expand gambling. We need to grow the economy, we're not comptetitive...hey ...she sounded strong.

Gidwitz: If we were a family? Don't spend more than we have... we're in the hold 5k per head already. Priortize the spending... raising taxes won't do it ...tighten the belt instead... I can't follow it.

Brady: At least specific on programs and savings. We need a Capital program. This is the first time in three years a Gov can't pass one and that's because no one trusts him.

Obewise: Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and O is the outside change agent to fix it. Grow that old pie again... make us proud.

Closing Statements and everyone gets 90 seconds.

Oberwies: he goes after JBT. She's inside and he's not and used the Fitz word again... he's just like him. Ouch!! He said Blagojevich out to break the Dem Rep indictment tie. Now he's using Corinne Wood's illness...

Gidwitz: Take make our Government... up end the status quo; Illinois is on the wrong path with too much corruption. We need a proven leader, and I guess G is one...

He blessed us and Illinois.

Brady: Good, first step is retiring Blagojevich, and he can do it. Brady can do it because he will not raise taxes. B's greatest vulnerablity is corruption. Keeps using that family business word. I like him, he goes after Blago... he blesses us again too.

JBT: She agrees with what Brady says, but that would be her... anyone on the stage is better than Blago... but we trusted her three time and she's had more votes at the bottom of the ticket than Ron had at the top. She sounded tough.. not smooth like Brady, but tough.


The Eastvold Blog said...

Thanks for your live blogging. I appreciated reading your impressions.

What are your thoughts about the outcome of the debate?

Levois said...

I saw the debate. At least from CBS 2. I'm starting to like Brady a little.

Bill Baar said...

I think Brady won. That seems to be the consensus over at Illinoize too.