Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Live Blogging Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debates III

Audience questions:

Oberwise, how would you fund pensions? The O says end corruption in the state, and I think he just came out for defined benefits pensions.

Gidwitz: about those judicial hell holes. The land of Lincoln is not the land of jack pot justice. He's worked on commissions to reverse this. We need to do a bunch of nuts and bolts things... he'll see to it... ok.. ok.

JBT: Illinois has lost 250k jobs and compete with the border states. JBT says we give low interest loans to attract business. We need to get rid of the back door taxes. Illinois is the only state with a high tech fund. Is JBT a Socialist?

Brady: A Pharmacist asks about payment cycles to help local pharmacies. Solution is we need to manage finances by managing Medicaid better and putting it into an HMO is probably the way. A Gov who can say NO can end the payment cycle delay.

Oberweis" Star Line Question will spur development. How will we pay Illinois's share? We'll pay by ending corruption and reforming procurement process. Can save 12 to 20 percent on state construction programs. Well, at least he gave out a number.

Gidwitz: Illinois is consistently one of the worse states to do business in. It's not a question of business but of the cost of doing business. Wisc has higher taxes but lower costs. We need to be a job friendly place, and especially restructure business property taxes.

JBT: Health Care... the costs are going up and employers main concern in Illinois. What can you do for small business? Why is Health care for Medicaid more expensive then private sector plans? It's out of control, we need better Utilization management and fraud controls.

Brady: Illinois deficit, what are options for expanding sales taxes into services, would you veto it? We need to bring revenues through job growth, he's pledged to no new taxes. Illinois instead needs to repeal motor fuel tax that drives jobs out of Illinois. We have some of the best resources. We just need a level playing field to make us competitive.

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