Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Left's betrayel: fatuous, immoral, and weird beyond measure

Nick Cohen on the Left's betrayel of it's own principles and history. It all unravels with George Galloway appearing on reality TV to the tune of £150,000.

In every developed country, the story has been the same. At the beginning of the Iraq crisis, the far left moved to the far right and took control of the anti-war protests. Behind them came many decent people who were against war for good reasons. Unfortunately, their hatred of Bush was such they couldn’t bring themselves to back democracy once it was over. They didn’t go as far as Galloway and support the Baathists, but they didn’t oppose them either.

In Britain, we had the honourable exceptions to the rule of Tony Blair, the majority of Labour MPs and the trade unions, but there was no sense among the wider liberal-left that the struggle in Iraq was anything to do with them.

The other day, I ran into Kanan Makiya, a writer who has done more than anyone to expose the horrors of the Saddam regime, and he was disgusted with the rich world’s liberals. He is collecting millions of old files in Baghdad so Iraqis will be able to find out what happened to their families during the 35-year Baath dictatorship. ‘All the time, I hear the insurgents crowing, “Even your friends in the West don’t support you.” And they’re right. We have been betrayed.’

The madness is passing now, with a whimper, not a bang. When Galloway comes out of the Big Brother house, no one in the middle classes will want to know him and that will be for the good. Far from being sinister, Celebrity Big Brother deserves to win a Bafta for its exposure of the truly sinister.

Still, aren’t they weird? The liberals who think it is worse to appear on a TV show than in the court of a fascist tyrant; the socialists who believe that it is left wing to ignore Iraq as the forces of the far right blow it to pieces. Not just fatuous and immoral, but weird beyond measure.

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