Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Haymarket Riot alternative pictures for SoapBlog Chicago

Ok, I wasn't planning on posting this one here, but Rich asked for more posts.

Here's one I have posted on my own blog this morning. It's a follow up to a polite discussion I've been having with SoapBlog Chicago about their logo.

It may seem thin beer to you, and if so, just enjoy the link to the Chicago Historical Society and their digital collection of images.

In an earlier posts, I suggested to the folks over at SoapBlog Chicago they look for a different picture for their logo instead of the Chicago Anarchist Samuel Fielden inciting the crowd as the bomb goes off at the Haymarket riot.

Eleven Chicago cops gave their lives then and the Chicago Police Department still remembers and commemorates them.

I didn't think this the best image to use after 911; or before either. (Note SoapBlog cropped the bomb going off from the picture. The full pic is shown above.)

So I looked for images of the Police Statue the SDS-Weathermen kept blowing up when I was a kid, as an alternative for them; but I couldn't find one.

Then today I stumbled on this great site at the Chicago Historical Society with a digital collection of images from the Haymarket riot, and below's a banner carried by the Chicago Police Department's Veterans of the riot. It has an image of the statue --still standing in the lobby of Chicago Police HQ-- in the center.

There is also an engraving of Chicago's Anarchist Louis Ling preparing to blow himself up with a blasting cap in his mouth in his cell in Cook County Jail. He succeeded but not after writing Hoch de Anarchie! in his own blood on the jail cell's floorThere are plenty of good pictures here so I hope the SoapBlox Chicago folks check it out instead of commemorating Chicago's own suicide bombers.


Steve Caldwell said...

Check out the chapter on the Haymarket Riot and the police statue in UU historian James Loewen's Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong on pages 152-157.

Loewen suggests moving the police statue to a museum where the full story of the Haymarket riot and the subsequent trials, convictions, and executions of labor leaders.

Bill Baar said...

I'm sure the Chicago Police and their Union would have a big problem with that. It stands in the lobby of Police HQs and I'm sure that's were they would want it to stay.

I forgot to add the link to my earlier post (I'll do that). Look there and you'll see this is still fresh in their minds.