Saturday, January 14, 2006

George Galloway and Rula Lenska

Remember Rula Lenska from that commercial in the 80s? She's together with George Galloway in the reality TV show in Britian. It's impossible to describe this, just look at the pictures at Harry's Place. Galloway is pretending to be a cat and linking mild I guess from Lenska's hands.

PS on Rula Lenska

"Rula Lenska did beauty commercials (can't remember what product [webmaster: many readers have pointed out the product was Alberto VO5]), she came onto set in a Loretta Young-type swish, saying "I'm Rula Lenska, the famous actress from ...(Romania, Czechoslovakia?) She almost attained cult-like status, because no one had ever heard of her before the commercial. Also, got to be the brunt of a joke, when people imitated her entrance on the set and greeting....."

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